Peñín Guide 2015 Wine DO Empordà

For the first time, thirty local wineries Empordà get referenced publication locate one or more of their wines in the ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’ categories. There are 16 wineries Empordà wines that get put in the category of excellent: Castillo de Peralada; Vinyes d’Olivardots; Masia Serra; Oliver Conti; Mas Oller; Vinyes dels Aspres; Arché pages; Espelt Viticultors; Sota els Angels; Cooperative Garriguella; La Vinyeta; argon; Roig Parals; Cooperative Espolla; Clos d’Agon and Mas Lunes. Most fine wines are considered black (26), followed by whites (12) and sweets (5). The two wines that achieve the highest score, 94, are black Castillo Perelada Finca Espolla 2010 and the sweet wine of Empordà Garnacha INO, the winery Masia Serra.

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